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This design was introduced for the "50 State Quarters" program, which began in 1999.

A quarter from the time of this show, set more than 40 years earlier than this TV show, would clearly show the year of minting beneath Washington's profile.

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Hlavu neoholím, ale změna v případě vlasů je v plánu.

See more » In the introduction sequence, the quarter being inserted into the vending machine behind Michael Sheen's name says, "Quarter Dollar" under Washington's profile.This book has many tests that are supposed to let me know more about myself. As I recall, I needed a seventh title, and this seemed as interesting as half of the other contenders for the spot.They didn't do much, but did tell me that I need to spend more time trying to be with my husband and interact with him. And so it came in the mail and promptly began its decade-plus role of collecting dust that would otherwise have marred my book shelf.In the start you can see that is really well made in all the technical and artistic aspect, and performed in the best way by all the actors, starting with the 2 best: Michael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan.And thats it, is just the beginning of this promising series, as usual (here on IMDb) its not easy for me just put a number at the quality and effort of the peoples work specially with this one, cause perhaps it is too early to make a review, but i will rate it with 8 over 10.

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