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He stalked and harassed me whilst I was pregnant and our baby went into distress and was born three-and-a-half weeks early and she was in ICU for a week." Another woman, who has not been named for her safety, said she has been battling depression since Fialkov started "stalking" her on Twitter in 2015.She reported the matter to Cape Town Central Police station in March.He also accused me of tweeting during working hours, which is part of my job and of using company resources.He also sent my employer screenshots of my tweets from years ago - before I even worked here." Another woman said: "I blocked him (on Facebook) and he somehow found me on Twitter and started threatening me there telling me I will lose my job and body-shaming me etc... Four of his friends tweeted me too, telling me I will pay for my tweets against Deon and that I have to watch out and my family too as they have connections to make sure I lose my job." Sheldon Cameron, who has 38 000 Twitter followers, said he blocked Fialkov after being "harassed by him".

His modus operandi apparently includes collating several tweets from a specific target and sending the tweets to that person's boss.

One woman described it as "mental rape" and says it has been "seven years from hell".

Fialkov, is also an event planner, and has his own blogging site

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