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The trick is to date a nice Jewish guy with an edge to get the whole megillah."The three most important qualities in a woman: "I look for genuine kindness, warmth, and someone who is an analytical thinker."A no-no for his mom: "A woman with jailhouse tattoos of her ex-boyfriends would certainly not make either of our lists.

And just because a guy isn’t a doctor or a lawyer, that doesn’t mean he isn’t nice.

Our singles events have resulted in everything from friendships and long term relationships to marriage.It is possible that he’ll come around, but it’s exceedingly unlikely.75% of marriages that begin under the age of 25 end up in divorce.It's hard to find a new, local place to meet someone.At Singles, we do all the legwork for you by finding the best local bars and venues and arranging no-pressure events so that you can show up and enjoy yourself.

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