Dating antique french clocks

It is mounted with Sevres style porcelain, each piece is signed faintly on the reverse by the artist. ~ French - Circa 1870 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A beautiful antique French ormolu (gilt bronze) clock with exquisitely decorated Sevres style porcelain panel, urn and dial.

It is decorated with a pompadour rose pink background, the panel below the dial is delicately painted with a scene of a young couple. The movement is by the distinguished clockmaker Porcelain and Ormolu Classical Clock Set ~ English Garden ~ French - Dated 1894 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A beautiful classical clock set, excellent quality gilded bronze mounted with finely painted porcelain. It is of the the highest quality, beautifully modelled and finished in glorious ormolu (finely gilded doré bronze). Antique French Rococo Cartel Wall Clock by Japy Freres ~ French - Circa 1880 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A stunning gilt bronze Rococo Cartel clock, classic Rococo asymmetrical shape with 'C' scrolls, foliage and floral swags.

The vases, pillars and dial are profusely decorated with English country garden flowers. Flamboyantly modelled in gilded bronze, waisted case with with swirling acanthus, 'c' scrolls and flowers. The case is of classic Rococo design, bold, waisted keyhole shape with acanthus leaf shoulders, floral swags, 'C' scroll feet standing on a serpentine base. The modelling is crisp and well detailed with a bright and clean gilded finish. Large Antique French Ormolu Mounted Clock ~ Neptune and Dolphin ~ French - Circa 1870 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A stunning and large original antique French clock featuring Neptune with dolphin.

Among the flowers are charming and delicately painted birds tending to their nests. Sèvres Porcelain and Champlevé Enamel Clock Set ~ French - Circa 1900 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A rare and beautiful antique French clock garniture, in excellent original condition. The lower part of the case is fretted to allow a glimpse of the pendulum swinging within. The pendulum can be seen swinging below the dial behind a fretted panel. It is beautifully made in the Rococo style, in a lovely warm deep red shell veneer mounted with ormolu (gilded bronze). It is of the firms usual horizontal, heavily constructed cast iron frame and beautifully machine brass wheels and is fully working (see the video clip below). £4650 English Pounds Sterling Shipping within UK England and Wales - £150 Shipping with UK Scotland - £250 Shipping UK NI, highlands and Islands please ask Shipping to USA / Europe and World wide shipping - Please ask for a quote Large Ormolu and Sèvres Porcelain Clock Set ~ French - Circa 1890 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A large and stunning ormolu and Sèvres style porcelain clock set.

They are inexpensive which makes them affordable to the majority of the population thus contributed much to their demand.

The first mantle clocks were made in France, dating back around 1750 to 1760 developed from French Regency Bracket clocks.

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The dial is also gilt bronze, mounted with 12 individual porcelain enamel cartouches. To the base are a pair of exquisitely painted porcelain panels also featuring cherubs. It is finely modelled in ormolu (finely gilded bronze), beautifully finished and in stunning condition.Antique French Bronze and Ormolu Clock - Elephant and Cupid ~ French - Circa 1870 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A fabulous and rare original antique French clock, featuring an elephant carrying the clock with cupid seated on top. It is beautifully modelled in gilt bronze, gothic in style with a light and delicate design of fretwork.It is beautifully made in bronze and ormolu (finely gilded bronze). This allows the pendulum to be seen swinging gently inside the case. We also have a selection of exceptional regulators and early lantern clocks on display in our galleries. Bruce Antiques have a wide range of good-quality antique clocks from East Sussex and West Sussex, with a particular emphasis on Lewes clockmakers, dating from the early 17th century to the 19th century.

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