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The money they make is all spent on useless stuff and shoes (which means there’s no woman serving a purpose on earth).

Cologne police said 652 complaints have been filed over the violence, including 331 relating to sexual violence."And there we have to talk about how the repatriations can be carried out." Chancellor Angela Merkel raised the issue this week when Algeria's Abdelmalek Sellal visited, although the Algerian premier had sounded a note of caution, saying it was essential to first "ensure that they really are Algerians".Under pressure over the same issue, Tunisia has also raised concerns about the true identity of potential deportees.Many Algerian women do work, which means fewer jobs left for Algerian men.And where do you think their gatherings I mentioned above take place? One can forget about the soaps analyses but nobody can neglect the time they spend exchanging recipes, etc. That is to say their efficiency at work is close to zero.

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    From 1986 to June 2016, Health Canada received 69 reports concerning strangulation hazards related to CWCs.

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